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fuck-like-fairies said: I love you for reblogging my nipple on your page. and i LOVE your blog! <3

Thank you hun <3 x

rubyrubyruby-rubysoho said: Thank you, darling ;) I really want to get them done. Yours look nice...I like how the bar is diagonal. Nice tits, too :P

My piercing is horizontal :p 

Anonymous said: Girl. Would you seriously wake your husband up with oral everyday?

Heck yes I would. I enjoy it as much as guys enjoy receiving it. And there’s nothing more attractive then a man morning/sleepy voice mixed with his turned on voice. He’d be all mine and I’d need to take good care of my man haha x

Anonymous said: if you could have sex with anyone in the world, who would you pick and why

My boy, of course. Because I love him and we have an amazing connection sexually. We’re passionate and there’s nothing in the world that can top that when it comes to sex. He knows exactly what to do, and so do I with him x

Anonymous said: you should be ashamed for posting photos of your nipples over the internet

Oh? Why is that anon? Last time I checked my body is my body. To do and not so as I wish. It is just my nipple, there’s no face or anything associated with it, just a boob/nipple. There are much worse things circling the internet than nudity, please get your priorities straight and don’t allow my actions to stir you. Had they been your actions, cause a fuss all you like :) x

Anonymous said: do you have sexual confidence?

Yeah actually, I do. I don’t have an overly high confidence level, in general. But, I weirdly do have a ton of sexual confidence. I like to think I know what I’m doing. I read body language really well. I’ve also never, ever heard negative feedback and judging by responses and reactions, I’m doing just fine ;) x

Anonymous said: Whats your opinion on dirty talk? Like dislike?

I enjoy dirty talk, a lot. But I do not put up with the words “bitch, slut, whore” etc as dirty talk. I don’t mind being dominated and for dirty talk to follow suit. But, I don’t need to be degraded or insulted. Dirty talk such as what you’re going to do to me, what you want me to do, how it feels and so in, is great. Not to mention a boys turned on voice is incredibly sexy x

Anonymous said: your nipple is pierced??

Yes, it is anon, the right one :)
The picture is proof x  

Anonymous said: i started giving my boyfriend blowjobs and he twists his hand around my hair really tight and pushes it deep into my throat. obvoiously its so far that it gaggs me but he keeps doing it. i know he thinks its sexy but gagging? i cant make myself not gag. and we've had sex alot for our age and i thought it hurt so much because it was when we first started and he's really big, but it still hurts and he can't really go deep and he still pushes hard. how do i tell him that it really hurts.

He’s your boyfriend and he loves you no matter what. The easiest way to tell him is to just tell him. I’m sure if he knew that you were uncomfortable he wouldn’t be doing it. Just lightly tell him that it’s a little uncomfortable for you to take him so deep and you don’t like gagging and ask him if there’s maybe another way you could do it that he’d find sexy as well.
As for the sex try guiding him through it at a slower pace and possibly try some lubricant, you can never go wrong with a ton of lubricant if your boyfriend is rather large in size. If him pushing really hard hurts you, tell him to ease up a bit. Communication is key in any relationship and it can make sex unbelievable x

topjames said: what is your deepest darkest sexual fantasy?

Hmmm I’m pretty open with my sexual fantasies and desires. But my most intense ones that are kind of “out there” are:

Father/Daughter role play and rough, hot, intense sex between a girl and I  x