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Anonymous said: what does 6waysto9 mean? also do you make $ with your blog using peepspayerDOTcom?

It’s a clever play on words for 69ing and no I make no money on this blog, but thanks for advertising, please don’t again x

nickaandopolis-deactivated20130 said: I'm not, ha ha! I just know a lot about sex culture and fetishes and stuff. It's not really my thing. Also, I haven't read the whole book but that's probably only because I don't like her writing style and because (possibly a biased statement here) it's literal Twilight fan fiction.

Goodness, I apologize haha I misread your first sentence, thinking you had said you we’re in one. And that’s fair. I’ve started books, liking the book but couldn’t continue because the writing style was off. 
I see some areas where I can tell it’s a twilight fan fiction. But it doesn’t really make me think of it as Twilight related. 

nickaandopolis-deactivated20130 said: Well, in the dom/sub relationship it's not all about the dom which I really see a lot in the excerpts I've read of the story. Like when he explains the relationship to her and she asks him "What do I get?" and he says "Me." I just think that's sort of like saying, "Oh, do what I want you to do and smile about it because you get to fuck me." It just seems... odd to me. As for the writing, it just seems like a 9th grader wrote it. Poor vocab, sentence structure. Just very mediocre, if you ask me.

Just to play devil’s advocate, in the writers defence she very clearly states him as a very high ego’d man. He’s arrogant which would explain who it may come across as “Oh, do what I want you to do and smile about it because you get to fuck me” I think just like most sex novels you can’t base it on real life experiences as everyone’s sex life can be vastly different. Including those with set rules and stereotypes

Very intriguing that you’re in one yourself though. That’s amazing. I really appreciate your feedback, thank you x 

nickaandopolis-deactivated20130 said: i think it's a completely inaccurate description of the Dom/sub relationship and very poorly written.

care to elaborate? x

and to be fair the whole dom/sub relationship in the novel isn’t supposed to be presented exactly as it is, as the relationship between the two always shadowed as more than x

spit0nyourgrave-deactivated2012 said: One of my favorites, keep it up c:

you’re so sweet, thank you x 

fucking-smutt said: i am SO digging on your blog. its so hard to find black and white porn. we're just starting up ourselves, so if you could, please take a look, and if you like what you see, follow back? no hard feelings if its not your taste, or if you dont do follow for follow. thanks!

Well, thank you very much. I don’t do follow for follow but I really like your blog, it’s lovely. So I will definitely give it a follow. And I suggest my followers all check it out as well x 

suck-me-up-because-i-deactivate said: you're beautiful hun <3

Thank you, that’s very sweet of you x

suck-me-up-because-i-deactivate said: a picture hun ;)

Face or other? I don’t really have any pictures of myself on here. Aside from what I have submitted to other sites and they’re floating around somewhere x 

suck-me-up-because-i-deactivate said: i like to see you too :)

See me how x

cumformeplease-deactivated20130 said: Hi :) Thank you so much for the follow, your blog is fantastic! I'm a new porn blog and I was just wondering if you could help me out with followers? xox

Thank you so much. And of course, check our their blog guys! It’s wonderful x